Suffolk poll: Obama, Heller hold small leads in Nevada

President Obama and Sen. Dean Heller have small leads within the marghin of error in Nevada, according to a new poll conducted by Suffolk University in a partnership with KSNV-TV.

The survey also contains many results on other issues, including some state issues such as whether gaming and mining pay their fair share of taxes. The statewide poll of 500 registered Nevada voters was conducted October 6-9, 2012, using live telephone interviews of landline and cell phone users. The margin of error is +/-4.4 percent 

Three documents are linked here:

---The Suffolk news release with major results

----The toplines

----The crosstabs

Some of the highlights.

----President: President Obama, 47; Mitt Romney, 45

The internals here show Obama only leading in Clark County by 8 points, which seems unlikley -- he needs to win by double digits. He is still ahead because the survey shows he is ahead in Washoe by 4. If he wins Washoe by 4, he will almost certainly win the state.

By 74-19, respondents thought Mitt Romney won the debate. Those 19 percent must be blind partisans.

The candidates are rated pretty close on the economy (45-42, Obama wins on who would fix it). Interestingly, by 52-34, no matter who they support, people think Obama will win the election.

----Senate: Sen. Dean Heller, 40; Rep. Shelley Berkley, 37

That 7 percent say they would vote for an unknown thrid candidate shows how turned off people may be here.


By 64-28, voters support the DREAM Act; people oppose legalizing web poker and outlawing other web games by mroe than 2-to-1; voters support having the Legislature be able to call special sessions (2-to-1 margin); and by 36-29, voters don't think mining pays its fair share and by 47-36, they think gaming pays its fair.