Clinton Nevada team gets new blood

After successfully winning Nevada, a key pivot point in the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton's campaign has new leadership in the We Matter State.

The team that won the caucus, blunting Bernie Sanders' momentum after New Hampshire and putting Clinton on the inexorable path to victory, was led by Emmy Ruiz, the state boss; Jorge Neri, the organizing director; and Michelle White, the political director. Neri was elevated to state director after Ruiz assumed the Clinton reins in Colorado while White was rewarded with a promotion to deputy state director. Both Neri and especially White have extensive Nevada experience.

The newcomers: Asha Jones replaces White as political director, and Miguel Ayala takes the estimable Tim Hogan's place as communications director. (Hogan was promoted to rapid response duty in Brooklyn after the caucus.)

Jones knows Nevada, having been Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's deputy regional director in Las Vegas. Her hire is evidence of the further integration of Team Reid with Team Clinton as the Democrats try to win the state and reverse the 2014 disaster.

Ayala is a Capitol Hill animal, having worked for Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. He most recently was the spokesman for the Small Business Administration.

Recent polling indicates Clinton has a lead in the state, and the Democrats continue to extend their registration lead in Nevada -- now more than 120,000 voters in Clark County alone.

So Clinton, who has the experienced Nevada hands and registration numbers in her favor, not to mention the Donald Trump Hispanic GOTV effort, has to be considered a favorite here.