Why does "newspaper" continue to allow noxious musings of defrocked "publisher" on its site?

That Sherm Frederick is a bitter old man after his cashiering two years ago is not in question.

After "leading" the Las Vegas Review-Journal into the journalistic swamp, with complicity from underlings, Frederick's obsessive crusade against Harry Reid ended shortly after its failure when he was suddenly no longer an executive with the paper.

Since then, he has been allowed to continue as a columnist and blogger -- what does he have on the parent company execs? -- spewing regular venom toward Reid and President Obama. He rarely writes anything that takes any thought, just reflexive and hateful drivel, often using other sources to frame his toxic nonsense. He also has several times written about Democrats in over-the-line ways, including once making an obscene joke about Michelle Obama. He is a vile, pathetic person who, miraculously, also is an Episcopalian priest. A man of the cloth who regularly disgorges hate? I'm losing my religion.

I don't often read him, and I refuse to link to him. But today's disgusting drivel reminded me that everyone should consider boycotting the Review-Journal until he is relegated to writing for some rural papers he purchased.

In an asinine blog post about Oliver Stone's disappointment with Obama, Frederick first praises the director's "Scarface," which actually was directed by Brian De Palma (Stone wrote it). But then there is this:

In the meanwhile, win or lose I hope Stone does "The Obama Disappointment" movie. Kevin Costner can play Axelrod and, I don't know, how about Susan Sarandon as Obama.  Think about it, big guy -- a woman playing a black man with no huevos. Groundbreaking! Oscar!

I know he has none, RJ, but at long last, have you no shame?