Washoe GOP chairman, officers to resign

Washoe County Republican Chairman Adam Khan, the brash, young leader who twice predicted on "Ralston Live" that Donald Trump would lose Nevada, has announced he will resign after next month's state convention.

Khan, 24, announced his departure late Wednesday, along with other party officers. He had been outspoken as recently as Feb. 4 on "Ralston Live" that Trump simply did not have the ground game to win here.

In an interview Wednesday, Khan told me that he and others have wanted to leave for some time because of intraparty squabbling but decided to wait until after the caucus on Feb. 23. I asked him if the departure was at all related to his criticism of Trump, who ended up winning Nevada in a landslide.

Khan said he "did get a lot of backlash" for opposing Trump, whom he called "awful" on Wednesday and "not a Republican and not good for every American."

Khan declined to name any names of those in the party who had helped him decide to leave, merely alluding to the lunacy that always pervades party central committees. "Some of the people in the party are insufferable," Khan said. "They want to hold the party back."

Khan said his youthfulness had caused some opposition but that the behavior of some party members "showed you don't have to be a child to act like a child."

Khan said he had heard rumblings of moves inside the Washoe GOP to remove him, but that those recurred ever since he was elected chairman just under a year ago. Khan insisted that he and others will find ways outside the party structure to "help conservative principles." He chafed when I suggested he was quitting, declaring, "I'm not quitting."

How much does this really mean? Considering the state party has long been dysfunctional, and that most Republicans know they need to work around the traditional structures, maybe not that much.

We hope to have Khan and one of his deputies on "Ralston Live" on Friday.