UPDATED: DNC chair to attend Flores event

UPDATED, 7/15/14: Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been added to this event. She will be in Las Vegas next week and also will be doing a breakfast the following day for CD3 hopeful Erin Bilbray. (I have attached the updated invite for the Flores event.)

Harry Reid proxy Lucy Flores recently received some flattering coverage from MSNBC.

But closer to home, the Democratic lieutenant governor hopeful recently lost her campaign manager and now is touting a fundraiser with a host committee that is not so fierce.

For the biggest race in the history of Nevada -- or perhaps the planet -- Flores' event is far from impressive and shows what happens when your opponent is anointed by the governor, as Brian Sandoval proxy Mark Hutchison has been.

No offense to the folks listed below -- ok, maybe some offense to some of them -- but what Flores is touting in a blast email in the marquee race for Possible Governor are six current Democratic officials, three former Democratic politicians, a handful of legislative lobbyists and some Hispanic activists.

That is, a significant number are putting their names on there more out of obligation than any deep, abiding support. And none of them will bring much money to the event, unless the man hosting the fundraiser, state Sen.Tick Segerblom, brings all those medical marijuana supplicants to the table. (Wait, I think Hutchison co-sponsored that bill. Resistance is futile....)

No one will look at the host committee and say either:

1. "Wow, look at all of that support."

2. "She will raise a fortune there."

Yes, it's the summer doldrums. Yes, it's four months until the election. Yes, I am being snarky.

But Flores might want to channel Roger Daltrey and ask, "Harry, can you hear me?"

Please join 
Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Assistant Majority Leader Jason Frierson, Councilman Isaac Barron, Councilman Bob Coffin, Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus, Carlos Blumberg, Tom Clark, Bob Compan, Mike Draper, Helen Foley, Ed Garcia, John Griffin, Jim Halsey, Lee Public Affairs Group, Lyft, Rusty McAllister, Rose McKinney-James, John Oceguera, Richard Perkins, Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada, Russell Rowe

for a fundraiser in support of

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores
Candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada

Monday, July 21st

At the home of Senator Tick and Sharon Segerblom
1242 Park Circle, Las Vegas, NV