UNLV bans medical pot on campus

Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada, is being licensed by the state and local governments, but is not welcome at UNLV.

What's below went out this morning.

I hope no professor does a study saying the administration is wrong on this interpretation.


UNLV Statement on Illegality of Medical Marijuana on Campus 

Campus Community, 

Although the State of Nevada has passed laws legalizing medical marijuana, possession and/or use of medical or recreational marijuana remains prohibited anywhere on the UNLV campus, including all university housing and facilities, and at all university events and activities.   

As an institution that receives federal grants, contracts and funds for financial aid, UNLV is bound by certain federal laws and, as a result, must establish and enforce policies prohibiting the manufacture, use, and distribution of controlled substances by our employees, students or others within our control.  Marijuana – including medical marijuana – is, by definition, a controlled substance and therefore illegal under federal law.  Such federal laws are not affected by Nevada’s passage of laws legalizing medical marijuana. 

Possessing a medical marijuana card does not, in any manner, change or modify the fact that marijuana is a controlled substance and, therefore, illegal. 

The University will continue to enforce its current policies, including the Code of Student Conduct, regarding controlled substances. Any student or employee who violates university policy prohibiting the manufacture, use or possession of illegal drugs on campus will be subject to referral for disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from school and termination of employment, and, if warranted, criminal action. 

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the following, as applicable: 

Student Affairs:  (702) 895-3656 

Human Resources: (702) 895-5510

Thank you.

- Larry

Larry Hamilton

Chief Human Resources Officer 

University of Nevada, Las Vegas