The Tuesday committees to watch: Mining taxes and evaluating Brooks


On Tuesday in Nevada's capital, two committees will meet, and the results are freighted with historic significance.

At 1 PM, the Senate Revenue and Economic Development Committee will consider SJR 15, which would take mining taxation out of the Constitutio0n, assuming voters, as is likley, approve it next year.

At 6 PM, at the Carson City Courthouse, Assemblyman Steven Brooks will face a tribunal of his peers -- one that could put him on the path to expulsion -- inartfully and unimaginatively named the Select Committee on the Assembly.

A quick look at the panels:

Senate Revenue

Of the three GOP members, Michael Roberson and Ben Kieckhefer voted for SJR 15 last session. But the other, Greg Brower, has committed to vote for it this year.

So that's three YES votes.

The four Democrats all voted for SJR 15 last session. So it's a done deal, right?

It is -- unless the Democrats want to postpone a vote to make Roberson sweat and try to use it as a bargaining chip. (Hard to bargain, though, with a measure that has so much momentum and media attention.)

Select Committee

The conventional wisdom always has been that only Dina Neal has much sympathy for Brooks on this panel. I don't care what they say publicly -- want a fair process, want what's best for Brooks, blah, blah -- the Democrats want him gone. So I'd expect the other three Democrats -- Chairman William Horne, Jason Frierson and Richard Carrillo -- to not be kind to Brooks. And in the interest of comity, I'd guess GOP members Pat Hickey, Lynn Stewart and Wes Duncan to go along.

I could be wrong, though. I doubt it will be simple, predict it will be messy, fear it will be a spectacle.

And if Stewart brings up Andrew Martin's qualifications to serve....