Trump to hold rally at TI next week

Donald Trump will hold a rally in Las Vegas on Thursday at the Tresaure Island, which is owned by his pal, Phil Ruffin.

"Join Donald Trump in Las Vegas to hear his vision on how to Make America Great Again!" the emailed invite for the noon rally in the Mystere Theater (Trump du Soleil!) says, which also has a link for those who want to attend to click on an Eventbrite. Only problem: There is no clickable link. (Details do not matter to this campaign!)

The theater also is a relatively small venue -- only 1,600 capacity. Remember that when Trump tweets about the crowd size....

Trump and TI owner Phil Ruffin are longtime friends, have been business partners in the Trump Tower and the GOP frontrunner has joked (we think) that Ruffin would make a great China negotiator. Ruffin also has defended Trump against charges he is racist, saying he has many Hispanic workers.

Trump has some history at the Treasure Island, too. The last time he gave a political speech there, he unleashed a flurry of F-bombs.