Trial featuring Adelson testimony will be webcast


If you want to see Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson's testimony in that breach of contract lawsuit by a former Sands consultant, you can.

Seems a C-SPAN-like courtroom network will be webcasting the trial that begins April 3.

Here's an email that went out from Courtroom View Network about the decision by Judge Rob Bare to lawyers in the case:

I'm writing to let you know Courtroom View Network ("CVN") has been given permission by Judge Bare in Las Vegas to video record and webcast trial proceedings in the "Suen v. Las Vegas Sands" matter. We will be webcasting the full trial, gavel-to-gavel, from opening statements forward, which we understand are expected approximately a week from Monday.

This means you, your client, your co-counsel, support staff or other interested parties will have the option of viewing the proceedings directly on your computer via video on our website, without having to physically travel to the courthouse or rely solely on a written transcript. Besides watching live video, you can also re-watch earlier portions of the trial later on, either online or on a DVD.

The video is streamed right in your web browser, so you have the option of watching from any location with Internet access by going to There is no editing, commentary or commercial content. It's just a direct "C-SPAN style" video record of the proceedings. The video includes time-synced digital images of any exhibits shown over the court's A/V system as well. It's just like a front row seat in the courtroom, except no one will yell at you for taking out your cell phone or having a snack.