Three new polls in Nevada Senate -- two show Heller up, one shows Berkley, only the latter pollster has good track record here

I'm not surprised the Shelley Berkley campaign folks decided to release their internals with the "newspaper" (Sen. Dean Heller plus 6) and Rasmussen Reports (Heller plus 7) polls released today.

Neither of those surveys has been close to accurate in Nevada -- although perhaps 2012 will be the exception -- and Mellman nailed the 2010 race. He has Berkley, for whom he is working, up 3. They wouldn't show me the poll, but I have linked his memo, which derides other polling, here.

Heller may yet win -- I have always thought he was a slight favorite -- but the registration surge by the Democrats has to worry him. All about turnout now and Mellman's models are as good as they get in Nevada.