Tesla coming, special session in works

Lawmakers have been briefed about a special session to begin as soon as next week as Gov. Brian Sandoval is poised to announce Tesla Motors will build its gigafactory in Nevada, sources confirm.

CNBC also has the story.

Let the tax breaks begin!

UPDATE: I'm reliably told by a legislative source that Elon Musk will be there in Carson City tomorrow. I'm also told Gov. Brian Sandoval has reached out to lawmakers. If I know some of them, though, they will ask for accountability measures, won't just rubber stamp. Fears of partisanship, campaigning and sectionalism. One thing history teaches about Nevada Legislature getting together: It never goes smoothly. Never.

Two legal issues:

1. Can't just past company-specific breaks. Would have to be available to all who want and can qualify. But lawyers are clever....

2. Peggy Pierce's seat is vacant. Does County Commission replace her first? 

And those poor lawmakers with fundraisers scheduled next week. And what about Gov. Brian Sandoval's trip with state Sen. Mark Hutchison to DC? That falls within the 15-day fundraising prohibition window, too. More when I get it....

The numbers that are going to be thrown around tomorrow at the 4 PM Carson City presser are astonishing, with the benefits and incentives never before heard in Nevada.