Teachers to make pitch this weekend to Democrats on tax plan

This could put those Democratic elected jellyfish in a pickle.

This weekend, as the state party convenes in Las Vegas, the state teachers union will try to get the Democrats to embrace a tax plan, a 2 percent margin tax, that its elected leaders have treated like it causes leprosy.

This will be fun to watch. It could be as entertaining as...a GOP event.

I bet the brave electeds will have a conniption.

Here's what was sent to a select few today:

If you know a teacher or have kids in school in Nevada, you know the obstacles our children face every day. We have kids going to "school" in trailers, with no resources, and all we can do is cross our fingers in the hope that they’ll succeed.

The result, our high school graduation rate is third lowest in the country. Just today Politico ranked Nevada 40th in the nation in terms of how strong our state is.

Meanwhile, corporations come into our state, profit from our labor and our spending, and don’t pay a dime in corporate taxes. That’s not right, that’s not fair, and that’s why the Education Initiative is being supported by Democratic clubs across the state.

  • North Las Vegas Democrats
  • Henderson Democrats
  • Red Rock Democrats
  • Clark County Democratic Party

These are just a few of the many Democratic clubs that have already endorsed TEI.

At the Central Committee meeting this weekend, please raise your voice in support of the Education Initiative. 87% of the businesses in our state won’t be affected by TEI, and those business that are will only be taxed 2% on profits over $1 million.

It’s time for corporations to invest in the lives they profit from. It’s time we stand up for the future of our kids. Please speak out for those of us who won’t have a voice in that room.

Thank you,

P.S.: If you didn't see Steve Sebelius' column last week on how ridiculous the rhetoric from the other side is already, it's really worth it: "It's not just a tax, it's the end of the world!"