Tarkanian loses another round in court, may have to pay judgment or declare bankruptcy

In what has become a familiar pattern, a court has swatted away failed congressional hopeful Danny Tarkanian's attempts to avoid paying any money toward a $17 million judgment against him and his family.

Tarkanian staved off filing bankruptcy during his campaign in what was seen as an obvious move to preserve his electoral viability. But that may no longer be an option after a couple of court decisions this week -- the documents are attached here.

The first was the federal court in California's southern district denying Tarkanian (along with his family members, including his parents, Jerry and Lois) on their Motion for Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal and a Motion to Set Aside the Judgment. The judgment, you may recall, was for a real estate deal gone sour.

The last line of the thorough rejection is most ominous: "The Clerk of the Court is instructed to issue the Writs of Execution as to Danny Tarkanian, Amy Tarkanian, Jerry Tarkanian, Lois Tarkanian, Zafir Diamant, and Josephine Diamant that were withheld on June 25, 2012."

The other order allows the FDIC to register the judgment in Nevada and thus go after Tarkanian et. al.

He can still appeal to the Ninth Circuit, but the walls are closing in -- and fast.