Tarkanian asks Horsford to pull new attack ad; Horsford says no

Congressional hopeful Danny Tarkanian has sent a cease and desist letter to his opponent, Steven Horsford, and TV stations, claiming a new ad defames him and contains a similar claim that won him a previous slander case.

Tarkanian asserts that the ad is not unlike one about his being a resident agent for telemarketers that former state Senate opponent Mike Schneider ran, which resulted in a defamation judgment.

But Horsford did not go nearly as far as Schneider, and the Democrat's attorney responded with a tart letter piercing Tarkanian's complaints, indicating that the ad only says Tarkanian "worked for telemarketing scammers" and that the contender previously acknowledged being employed by them.

The letters are linked here, and the ad is below

All of this comes against a backdrop of a new poll showing Tarkanian with a large lead in the contest.