SuperPAC goes up with second radio ad hitting Cortez Masto

One month after its first radio ad used brutal language to try to alienate Hispanics from the woman who would be the first Latina U.S. senator, the group is up with a new spot.

This time, America's PAC, funded by conservative Wisconsin businessman Richard Uihlein (who is also a Rep. Joe Heck donor), goes after former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto for raising her own pay. This claim already has been called "Mostly False" by PolitiFact, not to mention an AG can't raise her salary -- the Legislature must do so.

There also is an oblique reference to her ill-fated attempted prosecution of ex-Treasurer Brian Krolicki.

Four months to go, and I suspect the outside spending on both sides will be non-stop. Transcript below and audio attached.

MALE ANNOUNCER: The new debt ceiling is now 16.4 trillion. Remember, trillion is twelve zeros.

MALE VOICE: (Sigh) The government debt never stops growing.
FEMALE VOICE: Hmm, well my paycheck is shrinking.
MALE ANNOUNCER: The majority of US workers have experienced a decade of flat wages.
MALE VOICE: And Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has the same old plan: raise taxes and give the money to the government.
FEMALE VOICE: And how's that plan been working out for us?
MALE VOICE: Lousy for us, but it works for Cortez Masto. Catherine Cortez Masto gave herself an $8,000 pay raise.
MALE VOICE: Yeah, get this; first a judge throws her politically motivated prosecutions out of court, and then when people working for the state are getting laid off, Catherine Cortez Masto gave herself a pay raise.
FEMALE VOICE: (Sigh) That is the same old Democrat plan.
MALE VOICE: America's PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising. Paid for by America's PAC and not authorized by any other candidate or