SuperPAC with Big Labor money helping Roberson in GOP primary

A Super PAC that has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from major labor interests is helping fund GOP state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson's field operation, records show.

Defending Main Street, which was formed to defend Establishment Republicans from Tea Party challengers and has taken close to a million dollars this cycle from union interests, recently disclosed to the Federal Election Commission that it is contributing to Advanced Micro Targeting, which is overseeing Roberson's field team in his bid to defeat Danny Tarkanian in the GOP primary.

Two days ago, the Super PAC filed a report that showed a $95,000 expenditure to Advanced Micro Targeting on behalf of Roberson. The Super PAC also has worked with the company, run by longtime consultant Billy Rogers, in other races, including Indiana GOP Rep. Todd Young's.

In April, the Super PAC took $250,000 from Working for Working Americans, a PAC for the building trades unions. That is its biggest single donation of 2016, according to Open Secrets. Two other major unions, the laborers and the operating engineers, gave $200,000 each this cycle. Six of the Super PAC's top donors are unions.