State of tax play in Carson City


With all this talk of a complicated margins tax and a labyrinthine process to get SJR 15 and a mining tax passed, I thought I'd simplify the tax battle in the capital at the quarter-way mark:

THE DIRTY HALF-DOZEN (ROBERSON & CO.): There's gold in them thar companies. Translation: The mining protections and the margins tax are dead; long live the mining taxes.

THE OTHER SENATE RS: No way, no how. Translation: No way, no how.

SENATE DEMOCRATS: Can we just discuss this a little more? Translation: We are coming for more money for education, and we'll take it where we can find it.

ASSEMBLY DEMOCRATS: We have a plan, really, we do. Translation: Close loopholes in the Live Entertainment Tax (so why not go the whole hog for an admissions tax as exists in so many other states?)

ASSEMBLY REPUBLICANS: Taxes? We don't need no stinkin' taxes. Translation: What we need is PERS, prevailing wage and construction defect reform.

TEACHERS/LABOR: We will not be marginalized. Translation: See you at the ballot.

GAMING: Call me, maybe. Translation: We are on the sidelines, even if some of our members are not (Sands).

MINING: What, us, pay more taxes? Translation: Trivia question -- when was the last time we lost?


PLAN: Death to mining! Translation: Please, just once, pass something we want.

GOV. BRIAN SANDOVAL: Show me the money. Translation: You can show me what you want, but I'm not going for it, no matter what it is.