State of State scoop

Here's what my sources tell me:

-----About $6.5 billion budget, slight increase

---Emphasis on job growth late last year, message that things turning around

----Push for online poker with other states (I knew that GCB bill was his) -- wants bill in first month

----$135 million in what he will call "new investment" in K-12: Expansion of all-day K, first into at-risk schools, maybe more later, but also will push school choice, kids reading by third grade, invest in Teach for America, another pilot program (Jobs for America's Graduates), ELL investment

---Appropriation to boost Millennium Scholarship

---Cut MBT for more businesses

---Medicaid co-pays and emphasize may opt-out of expansion in future

---Restore merit pay for state employees next year, cut furlough days in half sooner

----Restructure half-billion dollars in debt to feds for unemployment insurance

----Vets home in Northern Nevada, new hotel school at UNLV

Now how to pay for all of this......