State GOP chairman uses party resources to make his case, calls your favorite fellow a liar

Poor GOP Chairman Michael McDonald.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and Sen. Dean Heller don't want him in the job, nor do the two Republican legislative leaders: Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson and Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey.

You would think that would be enough to get him to resign and let Las Vegas Sands lobbyist Robert Uithoven, endorsed by all four of those leaders, take the reins in advance of a very promising year for the GOP in Nevada.

But, no.

Instead, he is using party resources to defend his stewardship and essentially call me a liar after I reported -- correctly -- that the GOP federal account is in debt. Here's the link that proves it. Yes, the state Democratic Party's federal arm also owes more than it has on hand -- but it has about 30 times more on hand!

In the GOP missive paid for by the party that I have pasted below, McDonald puts the best face on the GOP's finances, claiming he has raised $200,000 this year. I have no idea if this is true -- there have been no reports. But I never said anything about the state account, except my guess that the Democrats have far more money than the Republicans.

Even if the chairman's numbers are accurate, he is bragging about being $50,000 in the black? Fifty thousand dollars? Really?

So McDonald, in his desperate bid to hold onto a job even though the party's leaders want him out, is conflating the federal and state accounts to make himself look good and assert  my "statements have little if any factual basis."

Really? I reported only the facts.

Here are some others:

1. McDonald has lost the confidence of the two people trying to rebuild the party -- Sandoval and Heller.

2. Those who want the GOP to be a vibrant and successful fundraising operation that actually helps elect candidates want him out.

3. Either the central committee will decide Saturday that the wishes of the elected officioals and consultants who want to elect candidates matter most or they will opt for the socially handciapped misfits and apparatchiks who like to tear down what others are trying build.


Nevada Republican Party Finances 
The Facts

Recent reports by a Las Vegas political columnist have purported to detail the financial condition of the Nevada Republican Party.  While the NRP remains in fund raising mode, his statements have little if any factual basis.


IN FACT, year to date through the end of July 2013, the NRP has raised close to $200,000-in an off election year and during a period in which many Republicans remain unhappy with the 2012 election results. 


We know exactly what the numbers are for the Nevada GOP.  They are spelled out in the latest Treasurer's Report that you can see here. This report is distributed monthly to the County Chairs, and to the entire membership at every NRCC meeting. As of 8/21/2103, the total bank balances for the Nevada GOP were just over $67,000, with total payables of approximately $15,000.  That means the NRP is more than $50,000 in the black, and the is carrying no debt.


By comparison, a review of the opposition party's financial condition as of the end of August, which is posted publicly on the FEC website, shows that their payables exceed their cash on hand by nearly $36,000.


Thanks to the efforts of your Executive Committee, particularly Chairman Michael McDonald, Finance Chair Dan Schwartz and Budget Chair Steve Donahue, the NRP has paid all of its operating expenses without significantly depleting cash on hand, is one of only 31 state central committees in the nation that can report having a positive cash balance, and has not borrowed one penny in the process. 


Our fundraising efforts are ongoing. The Executive Committee has several proven and effective direct solicitation campaigns under way; and, we have developed a monthly contributions program which allows donors to give smaller, monthly contributions that also create a stable funding base for the party.


As individuals, the Executive Committee supports the party financially, because we believe in the party mission of recruiting conservative candidates, reaching out to traditionally non-Republican voters, registering Republicans, and turning out the vote to elect our candidates.


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