Sandoval raises $650,000 in 2012, spends half of it

Gov. Brian Sandoval was a fundraising machine in December, garnering more than $200,000 -- a third of what he raised all year.

On New Year's Eve alone, Sandoval took in $93,000 of his annual haul of $650,000, with mining more than a third of that, led by Barrick's $10,000 contribution (another subsidiary already had given $5,000).  No word if the miners paid for New Year's Eve champagne, too.... (Gaming gave about half of what mining did last month.)

Among Sandoval's benefactors were some big-name Texans, including T. Boone Pickens ($5,000) and the wealthy Crow family, which gave him $50,000 last month. (Sandoval spoke at a Republican State Leadership Conference in Dallas and made some connections, I'm told.)

And you have to love Nevada: Three members of the top gaming regulatory body, the Gaming Comnmission, which is appointed by the governor, gave Sandoval a total of $22,500. (John Moran gave $10,000, Randolph Townsend and his wife gave $5,000 each and Tony Alamo gave $2,500.)

Also, a couple of weeks before Sandoval appointed Brian Ayala to the Commission on Tourism, Ayala's Inc. gave $2,500.

Some other notables from 2012 in this lobbyist/developer/casino/mining rich document:

George Maloof ($10,000)

Tropicana ($10,000)

Terrible Herbst ($10,000)

Station properties plus Zuffa ($20,000)

Pat Lundvall ($5,000)

Michael Eisner (yes, that one) ($5,000)

B of A ($5,000)

Siegfried and Roy ($5,000)

Harrah's ($10,000)

Boyd ($7,500)

Tony Marnell III ($5,000)

South Point ($10,000)

UPDATE: Two other interesting expenses: What is that RalstonFlash thing he bought, and why is there a CA address? And Dale Erquaiaga, his former policy aide, stayed on the campaign payroll. I bet he's helping with Wednesday's "State of the State" speech....

So where did he spend all that money? His fundraisers at October, Inc., got the biggest chunk, as you can see.

The full report is here.