Sandoval names campaign manager as 2014 re-election bid kicks off

It's only 655 days away.

So as Election Day 2014 looms ever closer, Gov. Brian Sandoval is ramping up his bid for a second term, as I already told you. And his new campaign manager is a name not familiar to many, one Jeremy Hughes, who has updated his LinkedIn profile to reflect the new assignment beginning this month.

Hughes was brought to Nevada by Mike Slanker, a key member of Team Sandoval, to run the short-lived Rick Perry for President campaign out here last year. (Remember the governor endorsed Perry, who had assisted Sandoval in his 2010 race.)

When that fell apart, Slanker, who was running Dean Heller's campaign, brought Hughes over to be the political director of the senator's effort. He was impressed with Hughes enough to make him Sandoval's campaign manager for this cycle.

Hughes is the one who signed that missive sent right after the State of the State. And he clearly will be a key cog in the Sandoval operation, answering only to Slanker and gubernatorial confidant Pete Ernaut, I'd guess.

Now, Mr. Hughes, about that "tough, competitive campaign" you are anticipating.....