Sandoval, handpicked lieutenant Hutchison split on Common Core

Gov. Brian Sandoval remains a fervent supporter of Common Core education standards while his chosen No. 2, Mark Hutchison, opposes them.

The rare split -- lieutenant governor hopeful Hutchison invokes Sandoval's name every other sentence -- was revealed after a May recording of the state senator (attached here) surfaced today courtesy of John Eppolito, perhaps the state's most vocal opponent of the standards.

On the recording, made at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee meeting on May 20, Hutchison says, "I don't support Common Core.....I support properly funding education."

Hutchison's patron, the man who could pull him across the finish line with his campaign organization, disagrees with his No. 2 on perhaps the fundamental issue confronting education. I asked about the governor's ongoing commitment to Common Core in May, and his then-spokesman Tyler Klimas told me:

The Governor continues to support standards and initiatives that serve to promote college and career readiness for all students in our state.  Over 30 percent of Nevada’s high school graduates require remediation once they reach our institutions of higher education.  The Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematics have already been implemented in Nevada’s schools and the process for implementation received overwhelming support from the legislature, the State Department of Education, and the Nevada System of Higher Education.  We must continue moving forward to provide the highest possible quality of education for Nevada’s students.    

Does that mean the governor doesn't think Hutchison is for "moving forward" on education? Would Hutchison try to repeal the standards, as other states have done?

I asked about this, and his campaign provided this quote from Hutchison, repeating the spirit of what he said in May: "Education is a very personal issue to Nevadans, as it should be. I don't believe a top down approach is the right answer when it comes to determining what works for our children's education. When it comes to common core standards, I think that the State of Nevada should adopt standards that prepare students to compete and perform at the highest level.  We should review the federal guidelines and determine what is and isn't working for our children.  With input from parents, teachers, local school districts, and the State Superintendent, we should be able to discern and develop criteria locally that work for Nevada students on a go-forward basis.

Is it possible a statement could say anything less than that one does, could be more careful and empty? But let me....go forward.

Lucy Flores, the Democratic assemblywoman, running against Hutchison, supports Common Core. So if you want Common Core to continue, vote Sandoval-Flores?

Common Core standards remain in effect in most states, but has been losing support. Sandoval's appointed schools superintendent, Dale Erquiaga, repeatedly has asserted his and the governor's confidence in the standards. Erquiaga was unaware Hutchison opposed Common Core.