Reid's son withdraws from The "Great" Newspaper War

Leif Reid, whose father is the Senate majority leader, withdrew today as Las Vegas Sun Publisher/Editor Brian Greenspun's lawyer in his suit against the Review-Journal's parent company.

Harry Reid's son also is asking the court to seal his reasons for withdrawing, saying the judge has "broad discretion" to seal documents. Brian Greenspun still retains the services of Joe Alioto, a San Francisco lawyer.

"I can't give any detail because attorney client privilege is involved, but basically a conflict came up with work another lawyer was doing in my firm and we were required to withdraw," Reid the Younger told me via email. "This happens unfortunately from time to time in a big firm."

I would not be surprised, though, if Brian Greenspun's three siblings, who have a tentative deal with Stephens Media to dissolve the 25-year-old Joint Operating Agreement with the Sun, see this as a signal from the Reid family. Some or all of them had to be worried about Harry Reid's closeness to Brian Greenspun, who regularly defends the majority leader in the Las Vegas Sun.

What's next? The siblings, who already demoted Brian, fire him?

This case has yet to ripen, even though all of this activity is quite delicious.