Radio talker says Giffords being used as a "prop," and Rep. Joe Heck agrees

UPDATE: Just got a voicemail from Heck: "My statement was in reference to the idea of gun control grab coming out of Washington DC. Of course there is no way that I think that Gabby Giffords is a prop...Should I have come to her defense? You know, in a fast-moving interview, in retrospect, I should have said something but I didn't. I was just looking to get past that and talk about gun control in general."


In an interview with KDWN's Alan Stock, Rep. Joe Heck today appeared to agree with the right-wing talker when he said that Gabby Giffords, "who can't even clap her hands," is being used as "a prop" by gun control advocates.

Heck did not protest Stock's outrageous characterization of Giffords. He simply agreed and moved on to discuss 2nd Amendment Rights being infringed. Heck spokesman Greg Lemon, in damage control mode, suggested later that Heck did not agree with that part of Stock's remarks and does not think Giffords is a prop.

Maybe he should have thought of that this morning.

The audio file is attached, transcript below:

Stock: "At the end of the president's State of the Union when he said have a vote for Gabby Giffords... have a vote for this and that. I found that to be nauseating and you know what else is nauseating too... putting Gabby Giffords up there...who can't even clap her hands... as a figure.. of somebody being.. having shot her. iI think it's a shameful act putting her up there as a prop... I'm sorry. I really do."

Heck: "Yeah, no I agree. I think again in the cloud of emotion surrounding Connecticut those who are anti-gun want to use that to limit their Second Amendment rights."