Quick congressional money wrap

The only money that matters, after fourth-quarter reports were filed Sunday, is cash on hand. Here's what it looks like in Nevada's competiutive congressional races:


Susie Lee: $647,000

Ruben Kihuen: $373,000

John Oceguera: $204,000

Lucy Flores: $84,000

If you didn’t believe the Lee threat to Prince Harry’s anointee was real, you better start accepting it. The Culinary endorsement will help him, if and when it comes. But her willingness to pour in money and her ability to raise her own has surprised many. Oceguera has leant himself $100,000 (will he spend it?), so it’s still good to have pensions in your 40s. As for Flores, she needs to Feel the Bern or she will feel the fourth place. One caveat: Turnout in June will be low, so nothing is assured.

By the way, Cresent Hardy has $660,000 on hand. And he doesn’t have to spend anything until after the primary.


Michael Roberson: $572,000

Danny Tarkanian: $432,000

Michele Fiore: $5,000


Jesse Sbaih: $494,000 (!)

Jacky Rosen: Nothing yet

Roberson continues to be a fundraising monster, but Tarkanian is hanging in there. His fundraising will continue to shrink, but he has enough money to cause trouble. My guess is Roberson will have to haul out the oppo. And on the Democratic side, what does Prince Harry do about unknown Jesse Sbaih, who was put in $400,000 of his own money. Of course, he doesn’t have to spend it – this is a classic trick of FEC reports, to put in money to look robust and then not spend it. But this could be a problem….

Oh, and as for Michele Fiore: Seriously? She's really running for re-election or against state Sen. Scott Hammond. She ain't running for Congress.