Poll: Sandoval remains popular, so do his education ideas

Team Sandoval has created a nonprofit, Nevada Can Do Better, to help sell his tax plan, and released a new poll showing, among other things:

----Obama, 44-51 (Vegas-46-49!)

----Sandoval, 75-17. Wow.

----Legislature, 40-22. Nearly 40 percent with no opinion. Amazing.

----78 percent say public schools are fair or poor; 67 percent say funding inadequate.

----56-41 for Sandoval tax plan, which is about what the margin tax was before the attacks began. 

----40-57, sales tax on services. Not surprising. DOA.

----Wow: Expand and double payroll tax: 20-73. Those hearings start this week. 

---All of Sandoval's ed reforms have wide support.

----Exempting school construction fromn prevailing wage: 56-36. Foes won't like phraselogy of letting "free-market costs" determine.

Many will say this is a set-up because it is Sandoval's pollster, Dave Sackett. But he is one of the best, and I've never known him to skew results. Of course some of these topics are limited by the question and are taken before any opposition has surfaced. That is not insignificant.

The poll was taken late last month of 500 voters; MOE=4.5 percent. Full polling memo attached here.