Poll: Margins tax has huge support, as does gay marriage and education reform

Despite opposition among business groups and in the Legislature, the public widely supports the margins tax, according to a new poll by the Retailers Association of Nevada.

The survey, by well-known national pollster Glen Bolger, was conducted February 16-18, 2013, among 500 likely voters, with 125 cell phone interviews, and has a margin of error of +4.38%.

Among the findings, which crossed a wide spectrum of issues (and you can see details in the attachment here):

Margins tax: 58-39, support (but people are divided about the salutary impact vs. loss of jobs--see details in attachment)

Appeals court: 48-42, support

Minimum wage increase: 47-49

73 percent support education reforms -- class-size reducation gets the most votes (38 percent)

Legalize marijuana: 56-42

Drug-testing welfare recipients: 75-24 (James Settelmeyer's bill)

Get rid of ban on gay marriage: 54-43

Voters. by large margins, support employer verification, letting DREAMers stay. But they oppose giving dirver's licenses to undocumented immigrants

51% say no changes to gun laws here

Online gaming legal: 47-45

Not much change in the tax system or more taxes, but people are optimistic. See attached for details.