Pence adds voice to anti-web gaming chorus

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has joined Sheldon Adelson's crusade for a federal prohibition against Internet gaming, asking members of his state's congressional delegation to sign on, too.

"I believe it is necessary for Congress to restore the original interpretation of the Wire Act that prohibited Internet gambling nationwide, and I encourage you to support legislation that would accomplish this end," Pence, considered a possible 2016 contender, writes in a letter (posted here) to his DC delegation.

Pence supported, as a member of Congress, 2006's Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. But he also represents the danger for Adelson's recruits, from the religious right to conservative elected officials, who hate gambling in general.

"Gambling is an addiction that destroys families across America and unfortunately, gambling on the Internet has been allowed to go on unregulated," Pence said in 2006.