One day after speech, Team Sandoval says it is "preparing for a tough, competitive (re-election) campaign"

Maybe he is taking a page from the Barack Obama campaign playbook, which incessantly buffets folks with contacts through email.

But Gov. Brian Sandoval, moments after telling Nevadans the State of the State is sunny, had his campaign send out a blast to his list.

I'm not sure who he expects to give him a "tough, competitive campaign" (Does he know something we don't?). But he clearly wants to build a "sophisticated, grassroots effort" as others have done (right, Mr. President?), but as so few Republicans, especially in Nevada, have done.

So if you don't think last night kicked off Sandoval's re-election campaign, read this:

Governor Sandoval delivered his State of the State address this evening.  The last two years have been a success story, not fully realized, but undeniably on track.  

The Governor is looking forward to the 2013 Legislative Session and the discussion about Nevada’s future.  

While the 2014 election cycle is a year away, we are preparing for a tough, competitive campaign.  We plan to run a sophisticated, grassroots effort that will be driven by valuable supporters like you.  

The Governor’s speech may be read by clicking here.  Thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing you on the trail.