Oceguera poll shows Heck up 5

Speaker John Oceguera's pollster says his client is losing by 5 percentage points to Rep. Joe Heck, lower than some recent surveys but right in line with what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says.

Oceguera and the national Democrats are pushing back against recent polls -- including one posted this weekend on this site -- that show Heck with a double-digit lead. Just as it was unusual for the DCCC to release a poll showing its guy losing, so, too, is it out of the ordinary for a candidate to make the survey public that shows he is down.

The 45-40 deficit is just outside the survey's margin of error and was conducted this month by Benenson Strategy Group, a well-known national Democratic firm.

The survey also shows the president with a 2 percentage point edge in CD3, which is very close in registration.

The full memo is here, originally published by POLITICO.