NV progressive activist on Hillary's NH immigration comments: Disappointing

In New Hampshire this week, Hillary Clinton referred to undocumented immigrants as "illegal," pointed to her support for a border fence and mentioned the impossible logistics of rounding up 11 million people, a stark contrast to the overt pitch to DREAMers and the Hispanic vote she has made in Nevada.

"Very different, disappointing tone," well-known Nevada progressive activist Laura Martin told me. "That language is not acceptable here."

Nationally known DREAMER Astrid Silva said, "It's ‎definitely disheartening since when we had the chance to talk to her she didn't seem to even stumble over words. Usually I watch how politicians stumble if it isn't something they're used to, using the correct language. Like when Jeb! kept referring to ICE as INS (ummm, pre-9/11). "

Martin and Silva were referring to Clinton's answer when she was asked at a New Hampshire town hall "about securing the Mexican border with some of the illegal immigrants that come in?"

Clinton's responded in part, and the full video is below: "Well, look, I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. And I do think you have to control your borders. But I think that it’s also true that we need to do more to try to number one, deal with the people who are already here, many of whom have been here for decades. Because it is just never going to happen that we’re going to round-up and deport 11 or 12 million. I don’t care how tall the wall is or how big the door is, that is never going to happen. And I think it is an unnecessarily provocative thing to say. We need to secure our borders, I’m for it, I voted for it, I believe in it, and we also need to deal with the families, the workers who are here, who have made contributions, and their children."

This is the same Hillary Clinton who came to Nevada and said she would go further than the president on protecting undocumented immigrants and who met with DREAMers and others. I also found it interesting that Clinton's language on deportation was more about logistics and that she did not more forcefully denounce the idea.

Martin and Silva seemed shocked after seeing the video. Both thought it was old footage.

"Not just activists but immigrants in general see the term 'illegal' as a pejorative ... it's meant to dehumanize people," she said. "That is why news organizations like AP and CNN have added to their style manual guidance against using the terminology. I was shocked when I saw that video and thought maybe it was just old. Amazing that (Clinton) would be at a town hall in NH trumpeting the failed policies of the Republican Party, instead of being in Vegas with 300+ of some of the country's smartest and hardest working immigrant rights activists," a reference to the Fair immigration Reform Movement that Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley attended.

"The cynical part of me wants to think it's her subconscious," Silva said, "but she seems to be repeating the question. She could have corrected the woman, though, and that would have gone a long way, especially with our group that got to listen to (Martin) O'Malley who gave all kinds of inclusive speech about immigrants."

Silva met with Clinton when she was here in May and called for even stronger immigration reform measures than the president.



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