NV Energy: Solar advocates now complaining about something they agreed to during Legislature

NV Energy will file with state regulators a week from Friday to show it plans to comply with new rooftop solar (so-called net metering) requirements renewable advocates agreed to in the Legislature but are now asserting are unfair.

In a filing with the Public Utilities Commission this week, which you can see below, the company rejected assertions made by The Alliance for Solar Choice that it had misled lawmakers during the session about when it would exceed a current cap. Next week's filing will, the utility asserts in the document, "propose just, reasonable and fair rates that reflect the cost of providing service to customers who choose to install" rooftop solar.

This week's NV Energy filing also insists the utility "did not mislead the Legislature, the industry or the public" as to when the current cap (235 megawatts) would be reached. The document includes testimony from TASC lobbyist Robert Uithoven indicating the umbrella group supported the compromise bill lawmakers and the governor ratified.

Some rooftop solar advocates clearly have had buyer's remorse since the session and have even gone so far as to allege corruption involving the governor's office and NV Energy, even though they have no evidence of such and even though 62 out of 63 lawmakers voted for the bill before the governor signed it.

NVE Comments 07.22.15 by Jon Ralston