Numbers game update: Dems move past 85,000-voter edge statewide, 124,000 in Clark

The latest from the SOS and Clark County:

The Democrats now are up to a 124,000-voter lead over the Republicans in Clark County, about where they were in 2008. Not that the world is the same, but: Barack Obama won Clark County, 58 percent to 39 percent with the same registration edge.

Of course, Mitt Romney is not John McCain. McCain essentially abandoned Nevada and did not really campaign here. But you get the point.

The statewide lead is now more than 85,000 for the Democrats. It was 100,000 at the close of registration in 2008.

There has been some chatter about inactive voters, with folks, including Team Obama and some media outlets, putting those numbers int he mix, too. About 30,000 inactive voters cast ballots in '08.

But if the GOP folks hope to be saved from the registration deluge by a bunch of inactive voters coming to the polls, consider: Democratic voters far outnumber Republican inactive voters, and it's nearly 2-to-1 in Clark County.

If Republicans want to win Nevada in the presidential and U.S. Senate races, they need a huge partisan turnout differential or a huge margin among independent voters, both of which are unlikely, although the former is more realistic than the latter.