"None of the Above" has done it four times before

Yes, the Democratic nominee for governor is "None of These Candidates."

The goofy Nevada ballot choice won with 30 percent of the vote to Bob Goodman's 25 percent. They each spent the same amount of money: None.

Because the choice has no teeth, Goodman goes on to the general.

So is this unprecedented?

Not quite.  It has happened four times in primaries.

NOTC passed in 1975, and then won GOP primaries for Congress in 1976 and 1978, a secretary of state's primary in 1978 and then a Democratic treasurer's race in 1986 (as I thought I recalled last night on Twitter from my first year covering politics in Nevada).

Those results, courtesy of Teresa Wilt of the crack Legislative Counsel Bureau research staff. She also has provided a marvelous LCB document attached here that shows NOTC's finest hours and the legislative history.