No, "newspaper," Buffett did not say those things about Obamacare last week

UPDATE, 9/24: In a post today headlined, "Truth is not secondary," the disgraced "publisher" of the "newspaper" did not...tell the truth.

This is my favorite part: "My Sunday column included a quote from an interview by Warren Buffett that was initially reported as being made last week. I used part of that quote in my column. After the column was written, it turns out that the interview was done in 2010 and not last week."

Um, no. It did not "turn out" that after your column was written that the interview with Warren Buffett took place three years ago. It was always that way, a fact he did not know because he simply lifted a right-wing meme from the web.

Then this hardly believeable chestnut: "I saw the problem early Sunday morning, alerted the paper, and corrected it online before 9:30 a.m., correcting not only the timing but also pointing out that the quotes from 2010 don't "fully express" Buffett's thoughts on ObamaCare now. Later in the day, someone at the paper eliminated that note and simply corrected the body of the column to eliminate the timing issue. That was not my call, but, meh. Monday we discussed the issue and for extra measure put a correction at the top of the column."


So a "newspaper" does not correct -- or better yet take down -- a column based on a false premise. But instead puts this at the top -- and you can barely see it (I missed it this AM): "Sherman Frederick's Sunday column on the Affordable Care Act used part of a statement from Warren Buffett that was critical of the legislation, but that statement was made in March 2010, before the legislation was signed into law. Buffett currently supports the law."

Nice correction, "newspaper." Only problem with it is Buffett also supported the law when he made those 2010 comments. See below for details.

My goodness. He must have pictures of the higher-ups doing unspeakable things.


I generally don't read the obsessive maunderings of the disgraced former "publisher" of the "newspaper," which still occasionally runs his column.

But I'm not surprised that the ever-derviative op-ed contributor bought into a right-wing meme on the web that incorrectly quotes Warren Buffett and takes him out of context for three-year-old quotes. In his "column," the former "publisher" writes (refuse to link):

Even ObamaCare supporters, such as Warren Buffett, see the dangers ahead.

We need “something else,” Buffett says.

“Attack the costs first, and then worry about expanding coverage,” he said last week. “I would much rather see another plan that really attacks costs. And I think that’s what the American public wants to see. I mean, the American public is not behind this bill.”

Brothers and sisters, he’s not kidding about the unpopularity of ObamaCare.

But Buffett didn't say it last week. He said it during this March 2010 interview on CNBC.
Buffett already has responded, and Jonathan Chait exposed what was happening.
The facts undermine the entire column, which ends thusly: "The sane bet is to delay ObamaCare implementation, or as Warren Buffett advocates, scrap it and come up with “something else.”
He also said that three years ago.
I'm sure a correction is forthcoming, right, "newspaper?"