New Laxalt ad uses best defense is a good offense

A new Adam Laxalt spot in the AG's race describes his devastating law firm evaluation as "stolen" and "illegally leaked" and all but accuses Secretary of State Ross Miller of being behind the putative theft.

The ad, which could be pretty effective, comes on the heels of a state Democratic Party ad that mentions the evaluation.

I'm surprised those documents are blurred out in the ad. I wonder why.

The spot calls the law firm evaluation a "desperate attempt to destroy Adam Laxalt," as if the Miller campaign used the documents because it is flailing. (Um, no.)

The ad then pivots to selectively leaked documents that give Laxalt rave reviews as a military lawyer and suggests Gov. Brian Sandoval supports him because of that experience. Yes, either that or because he's of the same party. And the governor's "support" apparently consists of one picture.

(For what it's worth, Ross Miller's campaign had nothing to do with the leak, which has been proven to be neither stolen nor illegal. I know how the evaluation became public because I made it public.)