National media on Vegas presidential debate prep locale: It's a "sh--hole"

Among the many pleasures of my holiday season vacation, in between the excessive sleeping, drinking and eating, I devoured the latest Politico e-book: "The End of the Line."

The excellent, detailed recitation by Jonathan Martin and Glenn Thrush of the last 34 days of the campaign contains a brief snippet about President Obama's "three-day cram session" in October at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson. The "scene out in the Westin resort.....was tense, surreal and unsettling, 'just full of bad vibes,' one team member would recall," the authors write.

Then comes the outrage! "When the press charter flew over the Westin en route to the airport in Vegas, one reporter peered out the window and pronounced it to be a 'shithole,'" Thrush and Martin recount.

Who is this person? Were there others? Name names, gentlemen!

More: "The most prominent feature of the resort was the browned-out grass and overgrown sand traps of the two abandoned luxury golf courses, a thirty-six-hole metaphor for the real estate collapse that dogged Obama and a still-struggling national economy." Nice.

There is more on the Southern Nevada sojourn, including signs of the president's detachment and boredom (asking for that Hoover Dam tour) that would show up in Denver. What happened in Vegas presaged what would happen in the debte, it seems.

I highly recommend the e-book, folks. It's a quick read, but very newsy.