National Dems after Heck again -- in Spanish

Highlighting how important Nevada's swing district is in the national picture and how immigration could be pivotal, the House Majority PAC has a new Spanish-language ad up against GOP Rep. Joe Heck.

Heck is one of only three GOP incumbents targeted by the ads -- the others are California Rep. Gary Miller and Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman.

Here's the English translation and the ad is below:

UNIVISION CLIP: Republicans in the Capitol and in private conversations forecast a 'slow death' for immigration reform.

VOICEOVER: Congressman Heck and his extreme Republican friends are part of the problem. Heck voted to deport DREAMers – brought here as children. And has said he opposes the comprehensive immigration reform passed by the Senate. Tell Congressman Heck to stop siding with extreme Republicans blocking real immigration reform. House Majority PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.