MY COLUMN: What Nevada pols (and others) gave thanks for on Thursday

So what did prominent elected officials and others give thanks for on Thursday?

I happen to know:

Gov. Brian Sandoval: For the Nevada Democrats. For a Goodman being hard to find. For the red wave (but did it have to be SO big?).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: For Brian Sandoval and Joe Heck loving where they are. For the Assembly Republican Caucus. For making it to 75 on Tuesday – a k a for his eighth life (or is it his ninth?).

Sen. Dean Heller: For not too many people noticing that he ran for the most partisan position imaginable (National Republican Senatorial Committee boss) while being a member of “No Labels.” For the gravitas facial hair confers. For an open governor’s seat in 2018.

Rep. Joe Heck: For Democratic incompetence two cycles in a row. For a district that may not swing anymore. For serendipitous promotions.

Rep. Mark Amodei: For a safer than safe seat. For no primary from the right by a well-funded Tea Partier (thanks, Sharron!). For a sense of humor.

Rep. Dina Titus: For being in the right district during the red wave. For Hispanics in Politics’ credibility. For having that seat for life.

Rep. Steven Horsford: For 2016. For telling Ruben Kihuen and Lucy Flores they will have to wait – a long time. For being young.

Rep.-elect Cresent Hardy: For a gaffe-erasing wave. For Karl Rove. For Ryan Erwin.

Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki: For patience (he may be coming for you, Prince Harry). For business in China.

Co-Gov. Mark Hutchison: For Brian Sandoval. For Brian Sandoval. For Brian Sandoval.

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto: For the Klaich parachute. For patience (she’s coming for you Dean, unless you scamper back to run for governor).

Attorney General-elect Adam Laxalt: For red waves bearing the gift of a train wreck forgotten. For the Republican Attorneys General Association. For Sheldon Adelson.

Ron Schwartz: For not knowing what your job description (controller-treasurer) is and for it not mattering.

Secretary of State Ross Miller: For law firms and MMA types wanting your services. For being young.

Secretary of State-elect Barbara Cegavske: For being in the right wave at the right time.

State Sen. Michael Roberson: For the red wave. For Barbara Cegavske being gone (sorta). For Billy Rogers.

Speaker-not-to-Be Ira Hansen: For 120 days to exact revenge. For a safe district. For an offer to replace Sherm Frederick as a columnist at the RJ PAC.

Speaker-Could-Be Michele Fiore: For shame being unnecessary. For Ira and Wes and…..

Assemblyman Pat Hickey: For not becoming speaker.

Assembly Minority Leader Marilyn Kirkpatrick: For the Assembly Republican Caucus.

State Senate Minority Leader Aaron Ford: For low expectations for your caucus. For that pronunciation guide for your first name.

Clark County DA Steve Wolfson: For the tried and true “potential felon runs against me” trick.

Clark County Commissioners Mary Beth Scow and Susan Brager: For money, and lots of it, to survive the red wave.

The state Democratic Party: For 2016. For Harry Reid.

The state Republican Party: I’m sorry, the number you have reached has been disconnected.

Assembly Democratic Caucus: For the Assembly Republican Caucus.

Nevada Policy Research Institute: For full integration with the Assembly Republicans.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman: For that last name. For a weak council that allows the Goodman Family Stadium to still be alive when it should have been in its Coffin.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee: For no one paying much attention to NLV. For the Apex of your fantasies.

Cliven Bundy: For Ira Hansen.

Mining: For the rurals. For the governor. Hell, for everyone.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal: For The Las Vegas Sun. For being a trendsetter is blurring the lines between advertising, editorials and news.

The Las Vegas Sun: For The Las Vegas Review-Journal. For a publisher who understands that being on the board of a mining company, a member of a presidential administration and a shill for the top two people on the 2016 ballot (Hillary and Harry) can only help the paper win another Pulitzer.

Your favorite pundit: See above.