Most disgusting attack robocall of the season

Tony Baca, a member of Assemblyman Brent Jones' anti-tax caucus, has started a robocall against his primary foe, Artemus Ham, that seeks to exploit the transgender bathroom issue by invoking a notorious child murder.

The call, which I have attached here, uses the horrific 1997 murder of 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson in a casino restroom to frighten people about transgender bathrooms. "Artemus Ham is heartless when it comes to the mother of 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson," the recording says. "I don't understand why Artemus Ham feels it's OK to allow rapists and access to the woman's restroom."

UPDATED, 1:20 PM: I have learned this is even worse than I thought -- and I thought it was awful. It turns out that Ham, as a law student, helped then-DA Stew Bell prepare the case against Jeremy Strohmeyer, the man convicted of killing Iverson. How's that for irony, Mr. Baca?

Also, Ham has not taken a public position anywhere on transgender bathrooms, so like other generic attacks by the Brent Jones crowd on other Assembly candidates, this one is not only disgusting but false.

This is the kind of canard and scare tactic used by opponents of transgender bathrooms, but I never seen it used in such a revolting fashion. (Disclosure: I have a transgender child.)

Baca also is using the issue in mail, a piece you can see below in which he also mischaracterizes the new Commerce Tax. Others are using the image of a candidate peeking into bathroom stalls, but Baca's campaign has gone even further to try to woo social conservatives. Revolting.

image1.pdf by Jon Ralston

image2.pdf by Jon Ralston