Med pot winners: Former lawmakers, well-known businessmen, Jay Brown

In what was one of the most efficient and most opaque processes in local government history, Clark County commissioners picked 18 winners of medical pot dispensaries.

At times during the hearing, commissioners seemed not to know their own rules, then switched rules after a break, then tallied their votes on sheets in a series of rounds and then picked winners. With 18 winners, some very well connected, and 61 losers, some with enough money to protest in the courts, my guess is some of the latter may not go gently.

The Lucky 18 must still go through a state process, but among the county victors were some familiar names:

►Ex-Assembly Speaker Richard Perkins, who gathered what I call The Adeles Group, a bunch of legislative bon vivants or their relatives.

►Ex-Assemblyman David Goldwater, who like Perkins served with Commissioners Chris Giunchigliani and Tom Collins.

►Ex-state Sen. Mark James, represented by attorney Jay Brown, who has multiple clients in the mix.

►Ex-Assemblyman Chad Christensen, who also served with those folks.

►Camille Ruvo, who with her husband Larry Ruvo, is responsible for the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, and was represented by Brown.

►Developers Randy Black and John Ritter, two of the most successful builders in Vegas history

►Businessmen Jim Hammer and Troy Herbst, two other well-known Las Vegans.

►High-profile docs Nick Spiritos, who dealt with county folks while at UMC and is running for regent, and longtime major campaign donor Dr. R.D Prabhu.

►Ex-teachers union boss Joe Lamarca, who later took over a string of Euphoria salons.

►Attorney and legislative lobbyist Jennifer Lazovich.

That's a short list. More details to come. Some big names lost, too, including Las Vegas Sun boss Brian Greenspun, senatorial son and ex-Commissioner Rory Reid, ex-Henderson Mayor Bob Groesbeck and GOP Chair Michael McDonald.

I've attached the full list of companies.