Martinez to file suit against district

UPDATED, 2 PM: Martinez has filed suit alleging breach of contract and violations of the Open Meeting Law and asked to enjoin the district from hearing the agenda item. Both documents attached here. They are devastating.

Also, more details about the roundtable Saturday. Officials touting prominent businessman Perry DiLoreto's appearance to help strategize:


Many people in this community and statewide are appalled at the action the school board has taken. The idea that this is a Latino issue is on the table, among others. This what has been organized by the Latino Leaders Roundtable for a full briefing and open discussion directly from Pedro Martinez and Estela Gutierrez. At the meeting Perry DiLorreto (sic) will be discussing next steps. The community, including the press, is invited to attend.


We only have 1 day! 

Will you help spread the word please?

What needs to happen now is to get the word out to everyone. Even though this partially a Latino issue the true impact is to the entire community. The most negative impact is on the children. It's important that everyone participates. If you can start to spread the word 


First Action:

The Latino Leaders Roundtable has invited Pedro Martinez and Estela Gutierrez to hold an open conversation with the everyone in the community. Everyone is invited to attend.


2nd Action

There will be a WCSD Board meeting on Tuesday, July 29 at 2:00 p.m. It is incredibly important the every single person from all walks of life attend this meeting and make their opinions known for the public record.




Leslie MIx

President Hispanic Chamber of Commerce



Ousted Washoe County Superintendent Pedro Martinez said Friday his attorney is filing a wrongful termination and breach of contract lawsuit against the Washoe County School District.

Martinez told me the lawsuit will be filed today.

Martinez also said Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto called his attorney, William Peterson, to tell him that the school district's agenda item for Tuesday to discuss the superintendent's employment status is illegal and that she also has informed the district. No comment yet from the AG's office, which has confirmed a pending probe.

"It has been improperly noticed," Martinez said of the Tuesday meeting. "They can't speak about me and my employment status. They need to give me five business days notice."

Martinez said Peterson was prepared to file an injunction if the AG did not act.

Reno is convulsed over the bizarre turn of events that began Tuesday when Martinez says six trustees informed him they were terminating his contract because he misrepresented himself as a licensed CPA, which he denies. The next day, district officials said he was only on leave with pay and a hearing would be held Tuesday.

There are rumbles of recalls, and the Hispanic community has rallied around Martinez. A Latino roundtable is scheduled for Saturday at 11 at the McKinley Arts Center with Martinez and Trustee Estella Gutierrez, who has criticized the action by the board.

Why do I think the district is not going to escape this without having to pay a lot of money to Martinez?