Look what I found hanging on my door

So I woke up one day after reporting that the margin tax is winning to find something hanging on my door.

It tells me, as you can see below, to vote no on 3, the motto of opponents to The Education Initiative. It's an expensive, colorful door hanger.

And the kids! They are so adorable. Thank you, opponents of education funding, for caring so much about them. 'Our children are our future..." I am going to cry. Or go listen to this.

The messages will be ones we will hear repeated often: It will kill jobs and will harm the economy. (Maybe.) Businesses will not expand or move here, and some will leave. (Oh?)

And, of course, this one: The money may not even go into education. (This is disingenuous. While lawmakers can take money out of the school fund to balance the budget, some or most of the margin tax revenue will go to education.)

Finally, no accountability. Unlike these folks, who are accountable.