The legislative money race 2016: $2.5 million to candidates in 2015

Donors ponied up about $2.5 million  -- more than $1.1 million dollars for the Senate and $1.3 million for the Assembly -- directly to candidates for the Legislature in 2016 last year, records show.

Here's an overview, with links to the reports.


If I were trying to cause trouble, which I would never do, I would point out that neither Becky Harris nor Ben Kieckhefer are up this cycle and that he outraised her 2-to-1. I hear they love each other, are working well together and there's no competition to be the next GOP leader. Then again, look at all that Southern Nevada money that went to Ben of Reno. Just the facts, folks.

Aaron Ford dominated, though. It's good to work for and be supported by trial lawyers, eh?

And Ford made sure that Joyce Woodhouse, his most vulnerable incumbent, posted a big number, second only to his. (Her opponent, Carrie Buck, raised $79,000, with the majority coming from leadership and leadership PACs.

The Democrats have the clear advantage in the early fundraising game.

Aaron Ford: $164,000 (lotsa trial lawyer money, some unions, $10K from MGM, $5K from Switch)

Heidi Gansert (for Brower's seat): $162,000 ($10K from Chuck Mathewson, James Settelmeyer, $5K from Becky Harris, Joe Hardy and Laxalt PAC, )

Joyce Woodhouse: $135,000 (Lotsa trial lawyer and union money, $10K from Chris Giunchiglianiand Mo Denis, $5K from Boyd and Aaron Ford)

Erv Nelson (for Mark Lipparelli's seat): $121,000 ($10K from Becky Harris, leadership PACs (two of them), Station and $5K from Boyd)

Ben Kieckhefer: $102,000 ($10K from Sands, $5K from Switch and LV Chamber and Brian Sandoval and Boyd and homebuilders and Titlemax)

Erv Nelson (for Mark Lipparelli's seat): $121,000 ($10K from Becky Harris, leadership PACs (two of them), Station and $5K from Boyd)

Nicole Cannizzaro: $101,000 ($9K from Aaron Ford, $5K from police union, Mo Denis, )

Tick Segerblom: $63,500 (15K from himself,5K from trial lawyers PAC )

Scott Hammond: $50,000 ($5K from Becky Harris, Brian Sandoval, Joe Hardy, Boyd, Realtors, $2,500 from Mark Hutchison)

Becky Harris: $48,000 ($5K from Hughes and MGM, $4K from Students First (school choice), $2,500 from truckers)

Pat Spearman: $44,000 ($5K from Op Engineers, $2,500 from Boyd and trial lawyers)

Kelvin Atkinson: $35,000 (Ford and Frierson, $5K each)

James Settelmeyer: $26,500 ($5K from Titlemax, $2K from retailers)

Pete Goicoechea: $14,500 (Retailers, truckers)

Debbie Smith: $13,750 (More than half from Op Engineers)



The leading fundraiser is not even a member of the Assembly, the Sands shows bipartisanship and several incumbents (Michele Fiore, John Moore, Vicki Dooling) did not file reports (several others filed the wrong from), according to the secretary of state's web site. It also struck me how many incumbents raised so little money, some under $10,000. 

Jason Frierson: $139,000(Hello, trial lawyers -- $10K from PAC and Eglet, $5K from police union and MGM)

Paul Anderson: $125,000 ($10K from MGM and GOPAC, $5K from Sands, Boyd, Titlemax, homebuilders, $2,500 from Brian Sandoval )

Irene Bustamante Adams: $92,500 (Usual suspects, $5K from Sands and police union, $2,500 from trial lawyers)

James Oscarson: $90,000 (Lots from Station, $5K from Sands)

Ozzie Fumo: $82,000 (Lotsa lawyer money)

Jill Tolles (for Pat Hickey's seat): $78,500 ($5K from Adam Laxalt's PAC, lots of smaller donations)

Speaker John Hambrick: $60,000 ($5K from Sands)

Derek Armstrong: $58,000 ($10K from Sands, $5K from Boyd, Orleans)

Richard Bunce (for Lynn Stewart's seat): $58,000 ($50K from self)

Stephen Silberkraus: $56,000 ($10K from Sands, $5K from self, Boyd, Orleans)

P.K. O'Neill: $53,000 ($5K from Sands, money from major GOP officials)

Elliot Anderson: $51,000 ($5K from trial lawyers, $2,500 from Sands)

Steve Yeager (vs. Gardner): $48,000 (Lotsa union money, $5K from police)

Chris Brooks, vs. incumbent Shelton: $45,000 (Lotsa union money, $5K from Eglet (trial lawyer who hired Aaron Ford)and $1,500 from Boyd)

Chris Edwards: $39,500 (Loaned himself $24K a year ago, $5K from Sands, $2,500 from Monte Miller)

Jason Guinasso (for Randy Kirner's seat): $38,000 ($1K from R&R, Ferraro, Griffin, looks to be anointed choice)

Nelson Araujo: $37,000 ($10K from Jason Frierson, $5K from police union)

Jill Dickman: $34,000 ($5K from Sands and Laxalt PAC)

James Ohrenschall: $32,000 ($5K from oil refiners and trial lawyers, $1,500 from Boyd)

Jim Wheeler: $32,000 ($2,500 from truckers and Monte Miller)

Maggie Carlton: $31,000 (Lotsa labor money, $5K from police union)

David Gardner: $31,000 ($10K from Boyd, $2,500 from Brian Sandoval, MGM)

Teresa Benitez-Thompson: $30,000 ($5K from police union, $2,500 from trial lawyers)

Amber Joiner: $27,000 (Late money for the appointee from Olivia Diaz, Elliot Anderson, Peppermill, NV Energy, Cox)

Mike Sprinkle: $24,000 ($5K from police union, $2,500 from trial lawyers)

Lisa Krasner(for Randy Kirner's seat): $23,500 (filed wrong report (six-month), but got $1K from Atlantis)

Dina Neal: $22,000 ($5K from police union, $2,500 from MGM)

Glenn Trowbridge: $21,000 ($5K from Sands, Orleans and Boyd, almost all of it)

Ellen Spiegel: $20,000 ($2,500 from Mednax, $1,500 from Boyd)

John Ellison: $18,000 ($3,000 from Maggie Creek Ranch, $2,500 from Monte Miller)

Ira Hansen: $15,250 (Sands, $5,000, Monte Miller with $2,500.) NOTE: THIS IS UPDATED AFTER FILING ERROR.

Heidi Swank: $13,000 ($2K from trial lawyers PAC, $1,500 from Boyd, half of money was before 2015 session, so she essentially has raised nothing)

Robin Titus: $11,000 ($$5K, or almost half, from Sands)

Tyrone Thompson: $11,000 ($2K from trial lawyers, $1,500 from Boyd)

Richard Carrillo: $8,000 ($5K from union umbrella group)

Edgar Flores: $7,500 ($2,500 from Olivia Diaz, $1,500 from Boyd)

Melissa Woodbury: $7,000 ($2,500 from Sands)

Shelly Shelton: $4,500 ($2,500 from Sands)

Harvey Munford: $3,800 (Filed wrong form (six-month), $1K from Kelvin Atkinson (obvious bribe not to run against him, and truckers' lobbyist Paul Enos)

Brent Jones: $2,000 (Filed wrong form (six-month),gave himself most of it.)