Laxalt takes on the governor again, says he opposes his tax plan

Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Thursday that he opposes Gov. Brian Sandoval's plan to raise taxes to fund education with a graduated business license fee.

Laxalt, who was not pressed on his knowledge of the $438 million plan or the state budget, made the comments on a Reno radio program, putting him at odds with the man who helped elect him for the second time since he was elected. Laxalt irked Sandoval in January by going rogue on the federal immigration suit. My guess is this will do a little more than merely annoy Sandoval.

"I'm personally opposed to this avenue," Laxalt told interviewer Kevin Wall today on Reno's 99.1 FM station Thursday. But, he added, apparently realizing it has nothing to do with his job, "But it is up to the governor and the Legislature to figure out how they can meet these needs."

Oh? Without more revenue? Do tell, General.

"Obviously, there is a consensus that we do have educational problems," Laxalt continued. How do they fix it? "Hopefully they use the next four months to figure out as many innovative ways as they are to make that system better."

And then he lowers the boom on Sandoval's plan again: "Personally, I am concerned about going in the large tax increase direction."

Ah, that large tax increase direction.

Of course, friendly interlocutor Wall did no follow up, such as asking what Laxalt's plan might be or to press him on whether he understood what the revenue needs or educational problems are.

Laxalt is now the third Republican constitutional officer, along with Controller Ron Knecht and Treasurer Dan Schwartz, to publicly oppose the governor's tax proposal.

The audio is attached here, with the AG saying little at the end of the clip about Metro's ongoing political corruption probe.