Last time the GOP tried an anti-tax Contract with Nevada: Disaster

In 2004, after what was then the largest tax increase in Nevada history, some Mensa-like GOP strategists thought an anti-tax "Contract with Nevada" would help the Republicans take over the Assembly, then in Democratic control by 23-19.

It was a disaster.

Democrats picked up three seats despite the anti-tax contract, instead wiping out two of the strongest opponents of the increase, Ron Knecht and Don Gustavson. (Of course, both have been resurrected. Gustvason is now a state senator; Knecht is co-controller of the state, along with Geoff Lawrence.) This came in a year in which George W. Bush was at the top of the ticket and won Nevada.

I raise this history because some of the same geniuses (Citizen Outhouse -- HQ pictured here -- and its friends) are behind the latest Contract with Nevada, which contains anti-tax provisions after the new-record increase of 2015. It also contains anti-Common Core nonsense and intolerance about transgender bathrooms that the GOP Ass. Caucus unsucessfully pushed during the session.

("Unnecessary infringement on the rights of the majority is not the answer." Yes, that's what it says about the bathroom issue.)

With Hillary Clinton's campaign infrastructure here, working with Team Reid, and Team Hutchovalerson working hard to elect Rep. Joe Heck to the Senate, Michael Roberson to Congress and protect Republicans who voted for the tax plan, I'd say the Democrats are looking like favorites to pick up seats in the Assembly and excise some of the anti-taxer, accidents of history in the GOP Ass. Caucus.

History in Nevada does repeat itself.