Las Vegas councilman who once opposed The Family's projects is now a good man

A beautiful, sweet Nevada political story, surely with a happy ending: From outsider to anointed.

That’s the Stavros Anthony tale as the former Metro cop and ex-regent who ran for office crusading against two Goodman family projects is about to be consecrated by the lobbyists who appear most frequently before the council and Goodman II.

Next week at a fundraiser kicking off his re-election bid – invitation attached here – Anthony undoubtedly will rake in a small fortune at an event hosted by Mayor Carolyn Goodman and a roster of de facto council members, including superlobbyists Jay Brown and Chris Kaempfer, who may have offices at that lavish City Hall Anthony once opposed but now appears to be quite comfortable residing in for a long time.

Besides other lobbyists, Anthony has quite the anointment host committee, including former Gov. Richard Bryan (he lobbies once in awhile, too), County Commissioner Larry Brown, consultant Sig Rogich and a couple of members of the board of regents where he once served, Cedric Crear and Mike Wixom.

Eclectic? Yes. Message-sending Oh my, yes.

When Anthony won a seat on the council in 2009, he prevailed by….10 votes. He is looking for a slightly different margin this time. Let the anointment begin.

And if Her Honor decides one term is enough, guess who might be in line to take over? As I said: A beautiful, sweet Nevada political story.