Kirkpatrick crushing Ross in TV buy; she's positive, he's not so much

Clark County Commission candidates Marilyn Kirkpatrick and Steve Ross are both on TV, but his is a small cable buy and hers is a large network and cable buy.

Ross's ad, a $15,000 cable buy, goes after Kirkpatrick for her legislative record, some of it fair and expected, some of it absolutely misleading (she cut education!). No cites in the ad, but the only time Kirkpatrick "cut" education was during the recession when the governor presented cuts. She has been a huge advocate for more funding and voted for the tax increase.

UPDATED: Team Ross says the wrong version was placed on the FB page and that this one ran on TV with citations. As I suspected, they cherry-picked a vote from a session (2011) when everything was cut to make it seem as if Kirkpatrick's record is for cutting schools. Totally disingenuous.

Kirkpatrick's ad, $125,000 on network and cable, is all sweetness and light (especially on the solar inoculation). But I doubt that goes on too long.