If you don't believe the LG's race is a Reid-Sandoval proxy war....

Read this:


Friend --

Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores is running for Lieutenant Governor -- and she’s facing a huge deadline today.

Lucy is in a tough fight against a field of Republicans that could make up the cast of “Survivor: Tea Party Edition.”

One is touting an endorsement from Mitt Romney. Another, an endorsement from Newt Gingrich. One even looks like she’s trying to become the next Sharron Angle.

No matter who Lucy faces, their agenda will be awful for Nevada. And while they are busy tripping over themselves to stay on Tea Party island, we can help Lucy gather the resources she needs to fight that agenda.

The Nevada state reporting deadline is tomorrow, which means Lucy only has until the end of the day TODAY to reach her $5,000 goal. Let’s help her get there -- contribute $5 or more right now.

This race isn’t a reality TV show. And Lucy isn’t trying to play some political game to appease a radical agenda, like her opponents on the other side.

Lucy understands the challenges Nevada families face because she comes from Nevada roots. She’s the daughter of immigrants who came to Nevada looking for a better life. Through hard work and the investment of people who believed in her, she got her GED, enrolled in community college, and eventually earned her bachelor’s degree.

From there, she worked her way through UNLV Law School and ran for office to represent the community she grew up in. She is now in her second term in the Assembly.

Lucy doesn’t have the background of a typical candidate -- but she is the perfect choice to be Nevada’s next Lieutenant Governor.

Today is the last day we can help Lucy reach her $5,000 goal before the deadline at midnight tonight --- and she needs our support. Give $5, or whatever you can, to help Lucy out.

Thank you for helping Lucy’s team reach their goal. I appreciate it.

Harry Reid