IE group to SOS: Take your disclosure and shove it

An independent expenditure group that unsuccessfully tried to defeat state Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson has informed the secretary of state that it will not disclose the donors who paid for a substantial ad buy.

The letter (attached here) from Rob Tyree, who heads Team Nevada Engaged, is quite laughable. Tyree, a Ron Paul guy who was trying to help fellow Pauilte Carl Bunce defeat Roberson, says the group's "mission is to educate Nevadans on these issues," a reference to the "low-tax, business-friendly environment" he supposedly cares so much about. Because the ad, which you can see here, does not use the words "elect" or "vote," Tyree argues, he does not have to disclose his donors.

The ad, of course, is a blatant attempt to -- what words shall I use? -- expressly advocate against Roberson. Brandishing the lack of those words as an argument is a fig leaf.

Tyree also accuses SOS Ross Miller of "persecuting conservative groups" on such issues, a reference to cases Miller has pursued against Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-backed outfit that has an office here, and Citizen Outhouse, a fringe group that specializes in losing elections and helping elect disastrous lawmakers.

"It's unfortunate that the environment in our state has denigrated (sic) to the point where a public official would seek to quell the speech of those he disagrees with..." Tyree wrote.

Possible reasons for Team Nevada Engaged not disclosing:


2. Money came from the Left

3. Money came from Republicans who want to hide

I wonder how long it will take the AG to act on this one.